Guest Testimonials

from Emily...

When Jesse called me from Nicaragua to tell me about Whispering Cove Retreat, I knew immediately we would go there as our need was great, but the logistics seemed impossible to overcome. God’s guidance was evident in the way our church family fully supported us and volunteered to take care for our three small children while we were gone. Everything fell into place and His timing was clear for us to go to Whispering Cove Retreat.

I came broken, weary of the anger, of not hearing God, fighting depression, feeling constantly overwhelmed. I leave Whispering Cove refreshed, filled with peace and hope - the core of my anger was replaced with Him.

I left home heavy with the weight of depression, anger, weariness, and always feeling overwhelmed. I felt that God had been silent for a long time.

Upon arriving at Whispering Cove, we were astounded by the beauty of the surroundings and the hospitality of the wonderful couples, Bill and Jenny (directors), and Brent and Lisa (host couple). The first evening as we reflected upon the journey that brought us here and the welcome we received, we felt so loved. We just started laughing, realizing it had been so long since we had felt loved by God. My heart resonated with the vision of this ministry. I studied Elijah’s struggle and the way God ministered to him by whispering to his heart. I knew that was a desperate need in our own lives.

I came prepared with a list of what I believed I needed from God to move in my life. For a long time, I had lived with a core of anger that impacted every area of my life, with unhealed pain from my past, with a lack of peace, and feeling that God was silent. I had succumbed to depression for the first time in my life that caused me to withdraw from my church family whom I had once loved so freely and easily.

Through the teaching, counseling, and reflecting on His Word, God replaced lies with truths at the core of my being. On an emotional and a cognitive level, I was able to experience freedom. The grip of anger in me was uprooted and replaced with peace. There is much healing to come, but I now have the tools and cognitive understanding of where to go from here. God answered every one of the areas I came here struggling with.

I am leaving refreshed, rested and having heard God’s whisper, just as Elijah did. I am also leaving hopeful, peaceful, and with the tools for continued growth.