Guest Testimonials

from Tommy and Linda...

We have served in the ministry for 35 years, planting four churches in the United States and the last five years, serving as missionaries establishing a Christian Church/Community in Nicaragua. We experienced a difficult transition when we moved to Nicaragua that extremely stressed our lives and especially took its toll on our marriage.

God truly did a deep and lasting work in the depths of our hearts. We are enjoying God, each other, and are overflowing with hope in what He has called us to do.

We were at the end of our rope; feeling overwhelmed, and completely burned out with nothing left to give. We felt hopeless and helplessly alone, unable to pull up, desperately crying out for help. We felt stuck because we had done all we could to help ourselves, but nothing seemed to work.

We are grateful to God for hearing our cry for help. On our next furlough, God directed us to Whispering Cove Retreat. Our hearts are full of worship and thanksgiving to God as we realize how He saw our desperate need and how He rescued us from the intent of the enemy to destroy us, our marriage, and our ministry. He turned the tide for us like a Rocky movie where we were down for the count. God came to us in a foundationally life saving and revolutionary life changing manner. We are leaving different people, transformed, and changed at the core of our being.

Through the teaching sessions, God revealed to us the lies we had believed that had caused us such conflict and that provided a handle for the enemy to torment our lives, minds and marriage. In our individual ministry sessions, the Spirit of God zeroed in on the exact point that He was ready to touch and transform. We could feel our hearts change from self protective isolation to desiring openness and vulnerability with each other once again. Things that had seemed an impossible mass of knots simply were straight. Bill and Jenny made us feel at ease and we quickly trusted them with our lives. They were so gentle and wise as they walked with us through the journey, leading us to reconnect our relationship with Jesus who restored our souls.

Whispering Cove Retreat is a wonderful place to be able to go and receive such life impacting ministry.  The setting is absolutely beautiful with the mountains, streams, waterfalls, and views. The log lodge is an inspiring place to stay, designed to give weary leaders a safe place to rest and seek healing. God truly did a deep and lasting work in the depths of our hearts. How amazing He is to so completely transform us and enable us to be in such a better place in our souls! We are enjoying God, each other and are overflowing with hope in what He has called us to do.

Whispering Cove Retreat is a place to encounter the Living God and leave different than when you came.  If you are a husband and wife in ministry and you are struggling in any way, God has a place for you to go!

May God restore many marriages, families, churches and missions through this wonderful ministry.